Our Organization


GFWC stands for General Federation of Women's Clubs. Our national offices are located in Washington D. C. Club members belong to local clubs that are part of a national organization nearly 80,000 women strong. 

  • All club members ranging in age from 18-102, belong to the national federation.
  • GFWC is divided into eight regions in the U.S., of which GFWC Florida is in the southern region.
  • Clubs around the country are part of a state federation.  GFWC Florida is one of 50 state federations in the United States.
  • Some members are associated with general GFWC Woman's Clubs and are found in all 50 U.S. states and in many countries around the world.
  • Our Four Corners club is part of GFWC Junior Woman's Clubs. We participate in GFWC community service programs and special projects.
  • Juniorette clubs, sponsored by GFWC Woman's and Junior Clubs consist of students in middle and high school.