Our 11th Annual Luncheon, Fashion Show and Expo was held on February 7, 2020 at the Lake Eva Event Center. Nearly 200 people attended. Everyone enjoyed the luncheon provided by Carrabba's, seeing the fashion show sponsored by Chico's, and exploring the many vendors at the expo.


Besides our charity fundraiser, in February, GFWC Four Corners raises funds in several other ways;

Buffalo Wild Wings provides us with a portion of their sales, from food purchases at the restaurant. Our club has several fundraisers a year at BWW.


We are also supported by the Lakeland Magic basketball team, who donate a percentage of the money earned, at select games, from ticket sales to our club. This money is is then donated by us to K9's for Cops Polk County Program.


Fundraising helps us learn more about the communities we serve. As well as raising money, it's a great opportunity for our club to raise awareness of GFWC and it helps members develop skills and confidence.

Fundraising is a great way to go out into our community, use our networks and inspire others to get involved.